In His Service

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Mrs. Thompson’s Sixth grade class responded very positively to their teacher’s invitation to join her and other Spencerville church members in partnership with Emmanuel-Brinklow church in providing a backpack of school supplies to some students who cannot afford to purchase their own supplies. 

SAA’s 6th graders provided supplies for a 6th grader named Jasmine who attends public school.  There were donors for every item on the list and Mrs. Thompson received positive feedback from parents about the class’s desire to include service as part of their Bible class.  She encouraged the students to give from their own money and not just use their parent’s money.  “My mom and I went to Target and I used my own money to buy the pens,” said one student.  Another student shared that “My mom gave me an extra chore, I vacuumed the stairwell at home.”  Still another said, “I had an extra pair of scissors in my pack, so I brought the second one to share.”  Students had the opportunity to write Jasmine a short note to wish her well in middle school.