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The Spencerville Academy Choir, Strings, and Winds needs your help to get us to Puerto Rico.  Every time you purchase a gift card through Scrip we get 5%-10% of your purchase. When your family purchases groceries, get them with a Scrip gift card.  The choir/orchestra will get 4% of that amount sold.  Purchase your gas on a gift card and we 2-3%.  All your Target purchases are 2.5%.  Love Panera, we get 9%.  Taking a flight use a Delta gift card and we get 4%.  If you can't decide what you want to purchase, get a VISA gift card for 1.25%-5%.  This is a great way to support the choir and get a birthday or Christmas gift.

Here is a vidoe explaining how it works:

Use the following steps to sign up.
1.      Sign up for Scrip account
b.       66C9L48B3L385 (Enrollment Code) This code is very important.
2.      Purchase gift cards from major retailers such as Giant, Safeway, iTunes, William and Sonoma, Panera Bread, Target and more!
a.      Order online (you can also pay online via "Presto Pay")
b.      Paper orders are due every Friday by the end of school.  Gift Card order will not be placed unless you bring a check or cash for the amount you desire.
c.      You can also give gift cards to your friends and family.  It is also super easy if they order with their own Script account or paper account (see attached documents).
3.      Pick up your gift cards every Wednesday if you order by Friday.
a.      Online orders can be placed on your accounts. 
For more information please contact our Scrip Coordinators
Elizabeth Atterberry
Robert Martinez
Mark Kline:

Donate here if this is a better way for you to support us: