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Spencerville Adventist Academy had their 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk and 1K Fun Run this past Sunday to Support Adventist Education and it was a wonderful success.

We had over 112 participants that showed up for the Race and we were also blessed with great weather. The competition was fierce and we crowned a New Overall Male winner this year for the 5K Race and that was our own Richard Reinhardt who beat out our last years overall winner Jeff Fennell. For the Overall Female winner in the 5K our own Bela Fuentes took that honor over all the female contestants for the 2nd year in a row.  For the overall Male winner of the 1K we had a repeat of last year with Aaron Reinhardt taking that honor. The Overall Female winner of the 1K we had our own Gabriella Abbott taking that honor for the first time. Congratulations to the overall winners. We also had many other notable finishes for the 5K and 1K Race and those results can be found online at

We were also able to raise over $10,000 from this event to help support SAA. So we would like to send a great big shout out to all the sponsors and volunteers that gave of their time, talents and resources to make this event possible. Thank you all so much.

The Winners from this years Silent Auction are posted on the Home and School Bulletin Board and Below.
PRE-K - (GARDENING TOGETHER) Ryan Teixeira  $            120.00
1ST Grade - (SPORTS BASKET) Ryan Teixeira  $            150.00
1ST Grade - (PHOTOGRAPHY) Melissa Reinhardt  $              30.00
2ND Grade -  (LARGE PAMPER BASKET) Nancy Fennell  $              65.00
2ND Grade -  (EYE BROW GIFT CARD) Glaucia Teixeira 301-237-0923  $              25.00
2ND Grade -  (SMALL PAMPER BASKET) Christy Zinke  $              65.00
2ND Grade -  (SMALL BAKING BASKET) Tira Patterson (Check #1996)  $              30.00
2ND Grade -  (BAKING BASKET) Melissa Reinhardt  $              85.00
3RD Grade -  (POOL FUN ) Ryan Reinhardt  $              42.50
3RD Grade -  (FUN IN THE SUN) Marc Teixeira  $            100.00
4TH Grade -  (FAMILY TIME) Tracy Belliveau (Check #3670)  $              30.00
5TH Grade -  (READING AND RELAXATION) Glenda Cameron Bib #40  $              30.00
6TH Grade -  (BROWN BAG IT) Tracy Belliveau (Check #3670)  $              70.00

Summit Marketing Blanket Al Fuentes  $              10.00
Summit Marketing Bag with Surprises Inside Crystal Woods  $              20.00
Summit Marketing Picnic Cooler Melissa Reinhardt  $              15.00
Summit Marketing Backpack w Umbrella Dillon Smith  $              35.00
DC United Tickets (2) Michael Jakobsons  $              25.00
Massage Envy A - 1 Hour Massage Al Fuentes  $              35.00
Massage Envy B - 1 Hour Massage Richard Reinhardt  $              35.00
Massage Envy C - 1 Hour Massage Nancy Fennell  $              35.00
Massage Envy D - 1 Hour Massage Scott Patterson - 240-893-0016 (Paid Cash)  $              40.00
Massage Envy E - 1 Hour Massage Malini Joel  $              40.00
Massage Envy F - 1 Hour Massage Christy Zinke  $              40.00
Massage Envy G - 1 Hour Massage Mark Noble  $              35.00
Rita's Family Pack A- 5 Free Coupons Al Fuentes  $                9.00
Rita's Family Pack B- 5 Free Coupons Richard Reinhardt  $                7.00
Rita's Family Pack C- 5 Free Coupons Al Fuentes  $                9.00
Rita's Family Pack D- 5 Free Coupons Crystal Woods  $                9.00
Rita's Family Pack E- 5 Free Coupons Melissa Reinhardt  $                7.00

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