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Our Mission

We provide "a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist Christian education preparing the whole person for service to God and man and for eternal life."

Our Values

  • Spirituality — students are nurtured in a vibrant spiritual environment where Christ’s character is emulated.
  • Excellence — We educate the “whole person” balancing the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Service — Our students develop an attitude of compassionate service toward their community in a manner that expresses their love for Christ.

Our Vision

We want to be chosen by constituents and community for our strong spiritual emphasis, outstanding academics, deep commitment to service, and sound physical plant, and because we are convicted of our mission and true to our values, we will BROADEN our reach by being spiritually focused on transforming and converting hearts, making spiritual connections in every class and taking advantage of teachable moments to convey spiritual concepts. Reaching out and serving as a light to those around us in the community. Offering an outstanding academic program, challenging our students and stimulating a genuine love of learning. Adhering to a sound financial basis of operations, with additional funds available each year to fund future contingencies. Developing a student body that is friendly and accepting and demonstrates respectfulness of each other and adults. Educating the “whole person” (physical, mental, and spiritual), by offering a variety of extracurricular activities while teaching the importance of balance. Never losing our focus on mission and on the need to make all major decisions with an awareness of their long-range impact on our mission and values.