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Welcome to the Office of the Guidance Counselor

The Guidance Counselor provides students the following services:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Educational and career planning
  • Academic development
  • College preparation and access
  • Consultation with parents and staff
  • Information programs and activities
  • Crisis intervention/problem solving
  • Student advocacy


Career and College Planning

The Guidance Counselor 

Applying to college and selecting the correct one is a daunting process.  The guidance counselor is here to assist students and families through the difficult and often overwhelming process.  The guidance counselor will assist students in making the right choices and decisions about selecting an educational institution that is suited to their goals and interests.  With the assistance of the guidance counselor, students will understand the college search and application process so they will be able to make the best decisions about their college and career choices.

Each student is assisted with the difficult and often overwhelming process of applying to college. The faculty, guidance counselor, and parents are a team that all work together to help students reach their full potential, individual goals, and achieve success.

The Guidance Department offers an online college and career exploration system called Choices 360. It is the leading provider of software-based and online education planning, career exploration and high school/college test prep resources. Students are able to create portfolios, resumes, and do scholarship searches. Seniors are encouraged to begin working on their high school resumes.

Choices 360 offers career and interest inventories.  Students can make appointments with the guidance counselor to take the inventory.  Follow up appointments will be made to discuss the results.

Appointments can also be made to discuss college plans and receive assistance in applying to college.


Personal Counseling

  • Problem solving with students
  • Discussing student’s concerns and needs
  • Exploring options
  • Improving study habits
  • Meeting student’s personal goals

Whatever a student tells the Guidance Counselor is always kept confidential unless there is a threat to the student or someone else.



The Guidance Counselor will make referrals to various agencies or a support team will be formed when requested or if deemed necessary.


College Recruiting

Representatives from our Adventist Colleges and Universities will be visiting our school during the year to talk to the seniors. Students will be notified when appointments can be made with the representatives. Seniors have 3 additional planned leave days to visit college and universities of their choice and juniors have 2 additional days for college visits.

Students can check out resource materials (ACT prep books, college handbooks, college brochures, scholarships, SAT prep books) in the Guidance Office. If you have any questions, please call or email.