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The extracurricular program is a central part of the whole person education we offer at SAA. Students may choose from a variety of options in athlectics and fine arts.

Fine Arts Department

Spencerville Adventist Academy has a wide variety of Fine Art opportunities.  Students can take Art, video and music. Within the music department, they can choose from elementary and high school group ensembles in band, baroque recorders, bells, choir, chamber strings, drama, guitar, and Orff/percussion.  Students can also study with expert teachers in almost every instrument and voice type.

Athletics Department

The overall mission, vision and values of Spencerville Adventist Academy are paramount in everythin we do as a school. Consistent with this concept, the SAA athletic program is designed to function within those parameters and to work harmoniously with the spiritual and academic development of the student-athlete and the school at large.

We believe an athletic program is an important part of our overall mission of "enriching the whole person for service to God and man" because it promotes good sportsmanship, leadership, self-sacrifice, forethought, perseverance, maturity, respect, teamwork, generosity and integrity. These ideals are consistent with the SAA Values and Mission Statement.

We believe the athletic program helps to instill these values in the student-athletes in order for the students to take them beyond the athletic field into every day life.

We believe the team sports are an important part of our athletic program because they help to enrich leadership skills and enable student-athletes to share their God-given talents for the betterment of others rather than for their own glory.