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The mission of Spencerville Adventist Academy is to provide a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist Christian education preparing the whole person for service to God and man and for eternal life.

Students are nurtured in a vibrant spiritual environment where Christ’s character is emulated, educating the whole person balancing the mind, body and spirit and developing an attitude of compassionate service toward their community while expressing their love for Christ.

Thus producing students who Love to learn, Live to serve,  All for Christ

Spencerville Adventist Academy prepares our students for college and beyond by offering a well-rounded STEM program that will educate and inspire our students to be technologically literate, innovative problem-solvers, logical thinkers, and sound in mind, body, and spirit, so that they may make a difference in this global society.

Read about our STEM Certificate Program before applying below.

Personal Contact Information

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Write a 250-word essay on why you would like to be admitted to the SAA STEM program